DB Schenker connects China and Europe with Southeast Asia by land and train
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Is trucking to Vientiane in Laos and rail transport from Vientiane to China or Europe an efficient shipping option for your business?

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Move your import or export goods from Southeast Asia to China or Europe via land and rail
End 2021, we launched our new China-Laos railway service for your cross-border shipments to and from China or Europe.

Since the new train connection opened on December 3, 2021, we have already succesfully transported several tonnes of cargo, using a combination of land and rail transport for various customers.

Thanks to this multimodal solution, you benefit from improved schedule reliability by replacing the original overland transportation by truck-rail transportation. Rail also offers higher efficiency as compared to ocean freight transportation. Land + rail will keep your supply chains moving during these unpredictable times.
Enjoy comprehensive network coverage
We help you to transport your goods as quickly as possible to China or to Europe. Your goods will be shipped by land and rail with a pick up and delivery at multiple destinations across the region. This is possible thanks to having one of the most extensive cross-border road transportation services in Southeast Asia.

Our team of over 100 land transport specialists will work efficiently to help you optimize your cross-border supply chain.
Land + Rail: benefit from a One-Stop Logistics Service
Enjoy door-door transportation services, including domestic pick-up, customs declaration, cross-border railway transportation, destination customs clearance, warehousing, on-carriage service and more! We will take care of all the details so you have peace of mind knowing that your goods are in good hands.
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Your benefits
Fast and environmental friendly solution  

Enjoy a reliable and environmentally friendly transport solution.
Experienced customs clearance team

Specialized customs clearance for your imported and exported goods. 
Reliable tracking services for your goods

Our tracking solutions provide transparancy around the clock.  
Multimodal transport solution 

Combining direct railway, truck+rail, rail+rail multimodal solutions.
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